Under scrutiny: The Building Safety Bill

In the last issue of FIRE, the NFCC, FBU, National Housing Federation, the Construction Industry Council and the Association of British Insurers shared their initial views on the draft Building Safety Bill.

Now that parliament is back in session, it is time for MPs to start their scrutiny and hold the government to account. The first stage of this process began with the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee, which met on September 14 to hear evidence from a range of witnesses.

Clive Betts MP is the long-standing Chair of the HCLG Select Committee and will oversee a line by line scrutiny of the draft Bill. The committee will be making recommendations to the government about how building safety can be improved and whether the draft Bill does enough or if changes should be made to it.

Read the full article on our digital issue, pages 11-13.


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