Avon Fire and Rescue Migrate to FireWatch Cloud for their Specialist FRS Integrated Resource Management Platform

Infographics is pleased to announce that Avon Fire and Rescue Service has launched a new FireWatch-driven technology innovation programme, targeting greater flexibility, resilience, and increased visibility of resources.

The programme’s first phase has gone live today (September 12, 2023) and covers migrating from the FRS’s current on-premise system to the FireWatch Cloud.

Avon FRS now manage their HR, wholetime availability and rostering, retained payments, and training and development via the new integrated cloud-hosted system, underpinned by Microsoft Azure. This also provides flexible access from anywhere at any time, simplified support and a performant, resilient Cloud solution.

As part of the broader planned programme, the next phase will include the following:

  • Deployment of FireWatch for On-call Availability, replacing the current Rappel system
  • The deployment of the FireWatch Mobilisation Interface within the emergency Control Room, integrating with the SSS Vision mobilisation system
  • Rollout of the FireWatch cross-platform Mobile App client
  • Rollout of the FireWatch standard e-learning integration module


Once fully delivered, the project will further extend the users’ access to the system via mobile devices, increase real-time visibility of availability and resources, and integrate live operational data with the Control Room.

Simon Shilton, Chief Fire Officer, Avon Fire and Rescue Service said:

“I am delighted to share the news of our migration to Infographics’ FireWatch Cloud solution as part of the Service’s wider Transformation Programme. The FireWatch solution provides a single integrated cloud solution and user experience that can be accessed via the Web, App, Microsoft365 and other locations. It enables us to deliver further FireWatch improvements, creating efficiencies in our ways of working, bringing On-Call colleagues into FireWatch, increasing visibility of our available resources, and streamlining the user experience.”

Russell Wood, Commercial Manager at Infographics, said:

”We are delighted to work with Avon Fire and Rescue Service and multiple other clients to migrate them to our FireWatch Cloud platform.

“I would encourage any FRS that has not reviewed FireWatch Cloud and the system’s latest features to evaluate how much we have moved forward with our investments in modern App and Cloud technologies.

“As well as the benefits of utilising the latest technologies available, the integrated system and data approach can deliver significant direct cost savings, efficiency benefits and reduce risk through more accurate data from a single source.

“The ability to perform remote upgrades and the increased scalability and resilience offered by FireWatch Cloud are also crucial for our clients across the UK. With these solutions, FRSs can securely access systems and carry out critical work from any location, at any time required.”

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