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FIRE June 2024

A National Resilience Charter: Towards a resilient future in uncertain times
Still time to save the planet?: FIRE reports on the role services have in improving disaster preparedness
Technology and innovation: Leveraging technology to mitigate cancer risks for firefighters and first responders

FIRE March 2024

The Firefighters Manifesto: In conversation with FBU General Secretary Matt Wrack
Spans of Control: FIRE reports on clarifying the role of operations commander
Global Search & Rescue Excellence Awards: Introducing the inaugural awards to be held in London on October 4th

FIRE December 2023

New technology, old solutions? FIRE reports on the challenges presented by lithium-ion batteries
AFSA Winter Conference: Motivating a movement and understanding your influence
Roll of Honour: All the winners from December’s Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards

FIRE November 2023

“A human rights disaster”: Grenfell Tower barrister speaks on adopting a human- centred response to tragedy
An integral approach to leadership: FIRE introduces the Fire Knowledge Insights ‘Have a go leadership challenge’
Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards nominations announced: FIRE is delighted to announce the finalists for the Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards

FIRE October 2023

Supporting firefighting with science: Fire Tech Talks guidance to help minimise firefighter’s heat and toxic gas exposure
Same the world over: FIRE investigates fire service culture in New Zealand
The chain gang: The Fire Sector Federation’s Fire Chain model critical to achieving a national fire safety strategy.

FIRE September 2023

Meet the Scottish Inspectorate: As His Majesty's Scottish Fire Service Inspectorate celebrates its 75th anniversary, FIRE talks to the team
Boosting the next generation: FIRE reports on a jive of service activity on children and young people
Grenfell Tower progress six years on: Too big to solve?

FIRE August 2023

Evolving wildfire response: FIRE reports on the need to enhance methods for tackling wildfire and asks, is Surrey setting the standard?
Community culture at on-call's core: Do we have the solution to solving the perennial problem of recruiting and retaining on-call firefighters?
King's Birthday Honours: A surprise in store for some in the fire sector

FIRE June 2023

The Atlas Project: Exclusive feature on Greater Manchester’s collaborative project to educate deliberate adult firesetters.
In search of excellence: The evolution of command and control in the UK Fire and Rescue Service.
Improving response to wildfires: FIRE reports on how services have improved the tactical response whilst developing the protection of firefighters

FIRE May 2023

Tip of the iceberg: Inspectorate condemns errant Fire Service culture.
Breaking down barriers: Transforming service recruitment with Direct Entry Scheme.
Tackling the perennial problem FIRE reports on rejuvenating the on-call service.

FIRE April 2023

Fire Knowledge Insights: FIRE's white paper presents the ten key principles for creating a respectful Fire Service culture.
A green and pleasant land? Exclusive investigation into the potential dangers lurking behind the greenery of environmentally friendly buildings.
Fire Service culture under the spotlight: FIRE reports from last month's LGA Fire Conference.

FIRE March 2023

How can we maintain trust in our Fire and Rescue Service: FIRE investigates the culture problem.
Gateway to Hades: How emerging machine learning techniques can help plan response to forest fires.
Building safety ambiguity: Is unnecessary pressure being placed on responsible persons due to Building Safety Act ambiguity?

FIRE February 2023

Unsteady State of Fire: Chief Inspector calls on government to urgently reform the Fire Service.
Excess cancer for firefighters: FIRE reports on a shocking spike in firefighter mortality rates.
Culture shock: Unlocking the secrets to fostering an inclusive and empowering culture.

FIRE November 2022

Time for Change: Action Not Words FIRE reports from an inspirational Black History Month event.
Working together to drive change: Fire Conference 2022 saw the launch of a blueprint for a national fire safety strategy.
Did you make the shortlist? Finalists announced at the Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards 2022

FIRE October 2022

Fire Service pays tribute to Her Majesty The Queen: Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, service leaders have paid tribute to our longest serving monarch.
Shining a light on fire and rescue services: In the first of his exclusive FIRE column, Andy Cooke, His Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services, reports on progressive service initiatives.
An abundance of caution or a failure to act? FIRE reports on the tricky problem of when to adopt new technology and questions whether the service actively searches for solutions

FIRE September 2022

Practice to Progress Fire: Unique partnership launched offering safe space to practice for promotion for every level within the service – see centre spread.
Worth its weight in gold: FIRE reports on the ground-breaking project on the economic and social value of the Fire and Rescue Service.
Fit to drop? FIRE assesses the fitness and wellbeing of today’s firefighters following the excessive demands of this summer’s heatwaves.

FIRE August 2022

Speaking truth to power: FIRE talks to the new Chief Inspector of Fire and Rescue Services Andy Cooke.
Heat stress: Fire services deal with unprecedented number of incidents during heatwave.
Showcasing best practice: The push for continuation learning by the NFCC’s People Programme.

FIRE June 2022

Reforming our Fire and Rescue Service: Was it really all it was cracked up to be or is it still a work in progress?
To catch a killer: FIRE supports efforts to raise awareness of the risks of fire contaminants.
No limits leadership aspiration for women: West Midlands’ Sam Burton leads by example and expresses her hopes to inspire women to join the Fire Service.

FIRE May 2022

Data analysis and the big picture: The strategic importance of developing high-quality data in the Fire and Rescue Service.
Advancing professional rescue together: For over 30 years UKRO has been at the forefront of development and innovation in professional rescue: what does it mean for your service?
The future of fire and rescue training: Time for a strategic gap analysis of Fire Service training and development to meet future needs?

FIRE April 2022

“Mega convoy” delivers UK fire sector aid to Ukraine: FIRE reports on the biggest UK Fire Service convoy ever delivering support to firefighters in Ukraine.
Raising the bar for safeguarding: FIRE reports on the development of the Professional Fire Standard for Safeguarding.
Waiting for reform: After two years away, the LGA Fire Conference returns to contemplate the fire white paper.

FIRE March 2022

Why getting CROSS is good for the soul: FIRE reports on the value of transparency, evolving a learning culture and why it’s good to share.
What about fire prevention? Is fire prevention really being neglected and is the inspectorate right to be concerned about it?
Back from the brink: Overcoming mental abuse: FIRE speaks to a firefighter about his mental health challenges and how The Fire Fighters Charity has helped him come back from the brink.

FIRE February 2022

Concern on State of Fire: Frustration grows as inspectorate identifies “lack of progress to reform this vital public service”.
Recommendations and reform: FIRE talks to Sir Thomas Winsor about his thoughts on the future of the Fire and Rescue Service.
A picture of national inconsistency: Exploring the identification of risk by UK fire and rescue services when working with children and young people who set fires.

FIRE January 2022

Learning lessons and shaping the future: Fire Conference 2021: Fire Minister Lord Greenhalgh appeals for help to deliver fire safety reforms.
“Best year yet”: Outstanding achievements celebrated as FIRE features the roll of honour from the Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards.
“No shame in falling down”: FIRE looks at how The Fire Fighters Charity is helping fire and rescue personnel build resilience

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