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Photo of two fire fighters in full breathing equipment

Fire Tech Talks

Watch the brilliant ‘Fire Tech Talks’ produced by the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, The Institution of Fire Engineers, and the University of Edinburgh, supported by funding from the Fire Service Research and Training Trust.

  • Talk 1 – Basement Fires
  • Talk  2a – Gas Cooling – The Science / Talk 2b – Gas Cooling – The Practicalities
  • Talk 3 – Cutting-Extinguishing

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FIRE November 2023

“A human rights disaster”: Grenfell Tower barrister speaks on adopting a human- centred response to tragedy
An integral approach to leadership: FIRE introduces the Fire Knowledge Insights ‘Have a go leadership challenge’
Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards nominations announced: FIRE is delighted to announce the finalists for the Excellence in Fire & Emergency Awards

FIRE October 2023

Supporting firefighting with science: Fire Tech Talks guidance to help minimise firefighter’s heat and toxic gas exposure
Same the world over: FIRE investigates fire service culture in New Zealand
The chain gang: The Fire Sector Federation’s Fire Chain model critical to achieving a national fire safety strategy.

FIRE September 2023

Meet the Scottish Inspectorate: As His Majesty's Scottish Fire Service Inspectorate celebrates its 75th anniversary, FIRE talks to the team
Boosting the next generation: FIRE reports on a jive of service activity on children and young people
Grenfell Tower progress six years on: Too big to solve?

FIRE August 2023

Evolving wildfire response: FIRE reports on the need to enhance methods for tackling wildfire and asks, is Surrey setting the standard?
Community culture at on-call's core: Do we have the solution to solving the perennial problem of recruiting and retaining on-call firefighters?
King's Birthday Honours: A surprise in store for some in the fire sector

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