Tech works: How technology is transforming the way the Service operates

In a serious road traffic collision speed is a crucial element for first responders, giving casualties the best chance of survival.

For the Fire and Rescue Service to deliver the fastest and most effective response, information prior to arriving at the scene is critical. For Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service, which oversees some 12,000 square kilometres of Wales, the adoption of Microsoft Surface Go devices has helped the service view information on specific vehicles as they travel to an incident.

As a result, firefighters at the scene are told in real-time about the best methods to cut through vehicles to free trapped passengers and how to disable undeployed airbags to avoid injury. The live information of the incident is shared instantly with colleagues across the service.

Microsoft’s technology is used alongside the mobile data terminals found in all fire appliances. These allow firefighters to stay in contact with their control centre but cannot be removed from the vehicle.


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