The power of core purpose and delivering cultural change

We work with our clients to create an authentic and unique Leadership Message™ which captures the imagination, creativity and energy of their workforce, creating a core purpose and fully engaging an organisation’s workforce takes focus and expertise.

DeltaV has years of experience working with Leadership Message™ methodology across many sectors. The great organisations we work with recognise the motivational power of their ‘Why’ and choose to create or recreate their core purpose. They realise that a unifying purpose generates employee passion and inspiration around their organisation’s emotional USP. By creating a core purpose supported by the ‘How’ (to drive behaviours) and the ‘What’ (to guide business priorities and activities), organisations quickly increase employee engagement and innovation levels.

A compelling strategic Leadership Message™ shows that an organisation aims to fulfil its purpose and this provides the emotional fuel for the journey towards the vision and the achievement of the mission through their chosen business priorities delivered in a value driven way. Often organisations understand the need for a core purpose but then fail to follow a rigorous evidence-based approach. Creating and connecting a core purpose successfully throughout an organisation is challenging. DeltaV’s Leadership Message™ methodology delivered by our experienced associates provides the knowledge and expertise necessary to achieve this.

Leadership Message™ Case Study

One recent case study involved working with a leading UK fashion retailer to define and achieve their strategic intent, using our expertise to create the ‘Why’, a common core purpose and the ‘How’, the value driven behaviours. Our involvement ensured the strategy was successfully launched through igniting the passion, motivation and energy of our client’s workforce around a new strategic intent. Within an integrated framework DeltaV facilitated and engaged with employees at all levels across the organisation to create their unique Leadership Message™. Utilising DeltaV’s Leadership Message™ methodology, our client sought to fulfil its purpose by connecting their workforce emotionally and rationally with the vision and the achievement of the mission through their chosen business priorities in a value driven way.

Our client worked with DeltaV methodology and facilitation processes aligned to the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) principles of head, heart and hand. By using the NLP elements of thinking, feeling and doing, we helped their people think through the rationale of and feel an emotional connection with, their unique Leadership Message™. By going through this process employees are now committed to personally action and role model their unique part in the future journey. Through our work we ensured the workforce was involved in the creation of, and connected to, the entire Leadership Message™ thus driving engagement, motivation and discretionary effort towards the strategic intent of the vision, mission and priorities.

We have helped over 100 valued clients in multiple industries and sectors across the globe.

For details of client case studies please vist our client section on our website


Leadership Message Framework

Purpose | Why | Reason for existence driving multi-stakeholder emotional reponses

Vision | Where | Measurable intent within the strategic context

Mission | When | Specific strategic outcome (often financial) within a time frame

Priorities | What | Priority areas of focus and critical activities

Values | How | Behavioural terms to create culture and drive decision making/process


Purpose Driven Leadership Coaching and Development

A strategic leadership message comes to life only if supported by purpose-driven leadership across the organisation. We have coached leaders in most industries and are specialists in developing leaders at all levels by focusing on a full range of purpose-driven leadership approaches, including neuroscience techniques, to suit all situations that leaders will encounter in their workplaces, whatever the environment.

Through our experience of operating extensively in the FRS we recognise and understand the leadership structures and unique perspectives appertaining to this sector. Our approach is bespoke, focused on our client, and will deliver a leadership coaching and development programme that interacts at all leadership levels from Chief Fire Officer to Crew Manager. At every level we will help leaders create a common leadership language which is based on the cultural DNA of the FRS, utilising world class evidence-based leadership assessment methodologies such as the MLQ360™ degree assessment and the Hogan psychometric assessment forecast. To ensure our leadership development methods are embedded post programme we provide our leading edge interactive DeltaV digital learning leadership development app system as an added value option.

Our expert consultants interpret the data generated by leadership diagnostics to audit a client’s current leadership bench strength and establish the leadership development ‘gap’ before creating a bespoke programme designed to achieve a step change in leadership impact and performance. Through our research function we can scientifically measure the level of active and effective leadership behaviour and by doing so develop and increase leadership impact across an organisation, proven to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, effectiveness, productivity and discretionary effort by up to 40 per cent, thus driving return on investment performance outcomes.

Mental Resilience and Wellbeing

The environment in which we live and work is changing at an unprecedented rate, taking a toll on employees’ mental and physical health. The evidence is compelling with:

  • Sixty-six per cent of people in full-time work feeling they have poor work–life balance;
  • One in six people suffering daily from poor mental health;
  • 12.7 per cent (and rising) of all sickness absence due to poor mental health;
  • The UK economy suffering a direct cost of £8.4bn and £15.1bn in lost productivity due to mental health issues.


At DeltaV we strongly believe prevention is better than cure. Even the most aware organisations often focus singularly on training people in mental health awareness and sign-posting support. Such an approach only partly addresses the problem.

DeltaV is an industry leader in developing and building resilience so that employees have proven tools and techniques to use when under pressure. Through adopting a holistic performance approach and providing preventative and practical development we help organisations build resilience capability in their people.

We utilise a scientific research-based resilience assessment diagnostic, the Resilience Quotient Inventory™ (RQi™). The RQi™ psychometric assessment is based on six elements of resilience, all proven to be important to developing and maintaining a resilient mental mind-set and physical wellbeing, namely:

  • Purpose and fulfilment
  • Positive mindset
  • Supportive relationships
  • Managing problems
  • Managing emotions
  • Managing physiology.

Using the RQi™ assessment data we develop tailored personal and team programmes utilising 1-1 feedback and coaching, workshops and digital learning. Resilience development work in this area has delivered impressive return on investment results including:

  • Increased personal productivity by up to 30 per cent;
  • Eighty-six per cent reduction in incidence of stress, depression, anxiety and negative mood;
  • Savings in sickness absence and lost productivity of £9 for every £1 invested;
  • Fifteen per cent upturn in employee satisfaction and engagement ratings.


Physical wellbeing development is delivered as a component part of our mental resilience programmes, as it is an important facilitator of personal resilience and covers physical exercise, health and nutrition, sleep management, managing injuries, performance psychology and mindfulness.

Our bespoke programmes identify the current state of physical wellbeing, which enables scientific-based development approaches to be delivered aligned to achieving increased business performance outputs. By working with senior leaders in the FRS, we will ensure each watch, team and business unit is aligned to the overall wellbeing strategy, capturing gains and benefits as the programme progresses.

Employee Psychological Safety

With our partner Tootoot Workplace we provide a world class capability to support employee psychological safety through a state-of-the-art employee feedback communication system which is simple to operate, provides an employee voice, enables evidence-based decions and facilitates an overall employee interaction record. In summary helping organisations become happier and safer places in which to work.

Tootoot Workplace makes it simple for your employees to report concerns ranging from bullying to mental health. The simple-to-use app makes it easier for individuals to speak up and gives them confidence that their concerns are being taken seriously. Designated staff can respond to and manage concerns effectively using the case-management feature, building up a chronology from start to finish. Tootoot Workplace comes packed full of insightful reports and metrics that help you discover trends, identify whether interventions and support measures are effective and supports a modern, transparent and accountable organisation. Tootoot Workplace also provides the ability to measure the impact of your employees approach to wellbeing, safeguarding and anti-bullying.

Tootoot Workplace providers organisations with an operating and strategic employee communications application, making it easy to gain quick insights into what employees think about topics important to your organisation, whilst aligning to an organisation’s employee engagement strategy. The success of Tootoot Workplace is evidenced by over 500 organisations using the employee voice and communications system, and over 500,000 individuals having access to the workplace app, with more than 60,000 reports produced within the last three years globally.

About the Authors:

The founder of DeltaV, John Fay MBE, is a pioneer of the power of core purpose and together with DeltaV’s Director of Client Engagement and Portfolio, Dr Paul Turner, was influential in creating the global definition of purpose-driven leadership supporting research that purpose-driven organisations outperform the general market by 15:1 (Turner, P.S. Encyclopaedia of Human Resources, 2016).

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