Fire Service takes the lead in Fire Safety Education

In a ground-breaking initiative, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service (ECFRS) is proud to be one of the first in the country to launch a dedicated education programme tailored for children not in formal education. Recognising the importance of fire safety education for all members of the community, this program aims to empower children with essential home fire safety knowledge.


With an established education programme currently reaching tens of thousands of schoolchildren in Essex every year, ECFRS is expanding its offering to those children who do not attend formal educational settings, such as those electively home educated, in care homes or even those moving between schools. This expansion aligns with the fire service’s commitment to being proactive with safety message as early as possible.

Children not in formal education historically missed out on the fire safety programs provided in schools, making this initiative a crucial step towards ensuring that all young people are equipped with the knowledge which will help protect themselves and their families from fire in their homes.


The specially designed education sessions will cover a range of topics, including home security, consequences of committing arson or making hoax calls, crime prevention, cyber safety, road safety, knife crime, gang awareness, hate crime and healthy relationships.


In a commitment to inclusivity, ECFRS will tailor the content of these sessions to meet the unique needs of the children. Interactive demonstrations, engaging activities, and informative materials will be used to make the learning experience both enjoyable and educational for the children.


Aileen Wilson, ECFRS Education & Specialist Interventions Manager said:


“Our commitment to keeping the public safe goes beyond responding to emergencies. Our ambition is to ensure that all young people in Essex, irrespective of their educational setting, have access to our vital education programme.”


Parents and carers of children not in formal education are encouraged to register to hear about future sessions, which will take place at various locations across Essex.

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