Salute to Chief Shelly Carter

Provided by: Tony Iadanza, Chief Creative Officer, The Art Group, Inc.

WOODSTOCK, IL, May 14, 2024 — Ready Rack by Groves, a premier manufacturer and supplier of cutting-edge fire service storage solutions and health and wellness products, proudly participated in the 25th-anniversary celebration of “Breakfast in Bed” alongside Good Morning America (GMA), honouring Shelly Carter, a devoted mother of four and assistant fire chief at the Hamden Fire Department in Connecticut.

Carter, a trailblazer for over two decades, made history in 2023 by becoming the first Black female fire chief in New England. Nominated by her sister, Renee Sermons, for the “Breakfast in Bed” tribute this spring, the heartfelt surprise unfolded at the Hamden Fire Station on Friday, orchestrated in collaboration with GMA.

Alongside the customary pancake breakfast, Ready Rack by Groves delighted Carter and the Hamden Fire Department with special gifts, including an EW35G Extractor, Decon Ready™ Decontamination Solutions, and the latest Vortex DC2 Drying Cabinet. Ready Rack provides firefighters a comprehensive range of products designed to mitigate exposure to on-the-job carcinogens.

Jesse Moy, Senior Vice President at Ready Rack, emphasized, “In our ongoing commitment to excellence and safety within the fire service, it’s imperative to recognize individuals whose unwavering dedication strengthens their community. The entire Ready Rack by Groves team rallied behind this initiative to honor Chief Carter for her tireless service and devotion to both her immediate and firehouse families by equipping the Hamden Fire Department with these essential resources.”

In addition to the equipment from Ready Rack, Seek Thermal generously donated five thermal imaging cameras to support the Hamden Fire Department in their rescue efforts, aiding in the location of firefighters and victims in distress. Mr. Moy also expressed gratitude towards Ready Rack’s Connecticut distributor, MES-Shipman’s, stating, “To MES-Shipman’s, your steadfast partnership has once again proven invaluable. We deeply appreciate your pivotal role in ensuring the timely delivery of all equipment to the Hamden Fire Department for this memorable occasion.”

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