Introducing enhanced package to support specifiers

Established in 1977, Quelfire has been providing a range of products and services to architects, designers, main contractors, firestopping and other specialist contractors for over 40 years. Building on the first-class technical support that the company offers, Quelfire has rolled out a range of value-added services to provide architects and designers with a wealth of information from the offset, to ensure that they are able to confidently design the most appropriate firestopping solutions.

CPD Accredited Training

As part of Quelfire’s mission to educate the construction industry on the importance of passive fire protection its training course entitled ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings’, which has recently gained CPD accreditation, aims to enable more effective design and specification of complete passive fire protection systems. The training session raises awareness of the importance of early engagement, thus ensuring compliant installations, and illustrates the solutions that are available. Organisations that are involved in the design or management of the installation of passive fire protection solutions can request a face-to-face training session normally held at their premises and collect CPD points.

Online CPD Training

The 45-minute ‘Effective Passive Fire Protection for Gaps and Penetrations in Buildings’ presentation is now also available to view online. Providing flexibility and convenience, working professionals with limited time can plan their learning around other work priorities, instead of the other way around. In addition, individuals and companies with less than ten delegates (and therefore are not eligible for a face-to-face CPD) can benefit from the online resource. And for those who attended a face-to-face CPD, they can also use this as a recap tool.

BIM Objects

With digital construction on the rise, Quelfire has launched a range of Building Information Modelling (BIM) objects through bimstore, making the specification of firestopping solutions even easier. A range of Quelfire’s core products including the QWR Fire Collar, QRS Fire Sleeve, QuelCoil Intumescent Pipe Wrap, QuelCast Cast in Fire Collar and QuelStop Fire Batt are now available on the platform, allowing architects and designers to search and download the components for free to use in their own BIM model and understand how a product will work in the real world.

NBS Specifications

All Quelfire products are now available from the NBS Plus library. Written in NBS format, architects and specifiers can gain direct and easy access to Quelfire product information via the specification tool, and products can be dropped straight into a project. The NBS Plus library is updated regularly, so designers and specifiers can be confident that they are always referencing the very latest Quelfire product information.

Darryl Wells, Commercial Director at Quelfire, said: “With fire safety still an increasingly prominent topic within the construction industry, it is important that passive fire protection is done right from the very beginning of a project – and that starts at the design stage. We have worked with architects for over 40 years, helping them to design firestopping solutions for even the most uncommon or unusual applications, and we pride ourselves in the service that we offer.

“We are constantly getting feedback from our customers about how fast and reliable our response to technical queries is. Our experienced fire containment specialists can provide expert technical advice on the specification and design of passive fire protection systems and the introduction of our enhanced package will support specifiers even further through training opportunities and easy access to information. This will allow us to work together even more efficiently and collaboratively.”

Quelfire is a well-trusted brand that is renowned for its long-standing commitment to high quality, certified products as well as for the technical expertise of its team. Quelfire promotes a holistic approach and an early engagement in construction projects and has been supporting architects, engineers, main contractors and subcontractors from design to installation for over 40 years.

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