NFCC Chair congratulates all recognised in this year’s honours

A number of people from fire and rescue services have been recognised in the New Year Honours list.

And the Chair of the National Fire Chiefs Council has congratulated all those who have received the awards which have now been announced and published. These are the first honours to be bestowed on the public by His Majesty King Charles III and include the first King’s Fire Service Medal (KFSM).

Mark Hardingham said: Once again, people from fire and rescue services have been honoured and this time by His Majesty The King. I am delighted that we continue to see people from fire and rescue services being honoured, and I am incredibly proud to see colleagues included for their outstanding work.

“As ever, it has been a busy year for fire and rescue services, the heatwave brought many challenges which firefighters and 999 control staff coped with admirably, all fire services were involved in supporting four convoys of fire appliances and equipment to help support firefighters on the frontline in Ukraine along with the superb day to day prevention, protection and response work in local communities. 

“I would like to offer my sincere congratulations to all those honoured this year by the King. I continue to be immensely proud of staff across fire and rescue services and their outstanding dedication and commitment to the people they serve.

“These are prestigious honours recognising those who have committed themselves to serving and helping the country, are outstanding at what they do, make a difference to their communities or field of work; improve life for people and display moral courage.”  

The list below highlights people from fire and rescue services who have received a New Year Honour. 

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