IFE pledge to recruit 1,500 Student members in 2024

As National Apprenticeship Week comes to a close, The Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) has set an ambitious goal for 2024: to recruit 1,500 Student members as part of a strategic drive to support early career professionals in creating a well-rounded scope of the opportunities available within the fire sector.


The cornerstone of this initiative is to provide those pursuing fire-related study with unique access to critical materials, continuous professional development (CPD) opportunities, and a global network of industry experts. The commitment seeks to provide early career professionals with the tools they need to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the various options accessible in the dynamic sector of fire.

Individuals pursuing firefighting studies benefit from free Student membership, which provide access to a wealth of resources that boost their educational experience. This includes cutting-edge research materials, industry journals, and unique webinars designed to improve their understanding of the fire sector’s many facets.

The IFE’s commitment extends beyond resource, offering the provision of a worldwide networking platform. Early career professionals will have the opportunity to connect with industry experts from across the globe that can significantly impact their career paths.

As part of the effort, the IFE recognises a wide range of responsibilities in the fire sector, from facility management to frontline work and conducting critical fire risk assessments. The purpose is to provide early-career workers with the knowledge and insights they need to make educated career decisions in the diversified fire sector.

Technical Director of the IFE, Paul Trew, commented: “As National Apprenticeship Week comes to a close, our pledge to attract 1,500 Student members demonstrates our dedication to building a vibrant, inclusive community of early career professionals in the fire sector. We hope to enrich early career opportunities, pave the way for a diverse workforce, and hopefully provide a full outlook on what a career in the fire sector can offer.”

As the IFE advances, it hopes to build a pipeline of talent that not only fulfils the current needs of the fire sector but also contributes to its ongoing evolution.

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