Home Safety Checklist that every homeowner should consider

A home checklist is something you need to look at every once in a while. You may want to dig it out when moving into a new home, after dealing with a security breach and at least a couple of times each year. Below are some mandatory safety elements you need on your checklist;


1. The Locks

At the top of your safety checklist should be your locks. A new homeowner must change all door locks after acquiring the house keys from the previous owner. It is important because you do not know how many people have a copy of the keys from the previous owners. You also want to change the keys to your house after a security breach. Installing a safety lock system would also be a good idea. While on the subject, you may also want to check the quality of your exterior doors. Make sure that interior doors are not installed in the place of exterior doors. Interior doors have hollow cores and are not built to resist forced entry; hence are not safe.


2. The Boiler

The condition of your boiler and water heater should also is subject to inspection. First, you want to make sure that it is functioning properly. Faulty boilers could result in hazards like fires and burns, especially if the settings are too high. Any faulty boilers should be replaced. Companies like LS1 Boilers will assist you with your boiler installation needs.


3. The Pipes

It would not hurt to check the condition of pipes in your house. With your naked eyes and without the need of a professional, you can check for stains, corrosion, and leakages both in a new and old house. You, however, need to contact professionals in case you see any issues. The professional will help you with further inspection and fix the issues where necessary. You also want to get acquainted with your water pipe operations. Make sure to learn how to shut your water on and off in case you need to do so. This should be as easy as getting acquainted with the shut-off valve for the entire house and certain areas of the house.


4. The Air ducts and filters

You also want to check the condition of the ducts and air filters in your house. Consider changing the furnace and air conditioning filters. Also, make sure that your air ducts are not packed with dust bunnies, and the registers are not blocked.


5. Smoke Detectors

Start by making sure that there is at least one smoke detector on every level of your house. Proceed by testing to make sure all the smoke detectors are working well. If you do not have a carbon monoxide detector in your house, you need to consider getting one. If you have one already, check to make sure it is working well. You must also make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are monitored by a professional occasionally to keep your home safe at all times.


Final Word

It is also important to make sure that your house has an escape route. The route should be large enough to accommodate an emergency exit. It will come in handy in case of hazards like fires.

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