Firefighters’ union launches ‘Equality Matters’ drive

The Fire Brigades Union has launched the next phase of its Equality Matters campaign.

The union says that it is determined to lead the sector’s transformation, following a series of reports highlighting the prevalence of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

A new video filmed with FBU activists representing its equalities strands has now gone out across social media, and the union has launched an online hub for Equality Matters. Posters supporting the campaign will land in fire stations and control rooms across the UK next week.

The union is also drawing together its own set of standards for the fire and rescue sector, which it aims to use to hold fire and rescue services to account.

Matt Wrack, Fire Brigades Union general secretary, said:

“I am proud to be launching the next phase of the Fire Brigades Union’s Equality Matters campaign today. We stand for equality – for an inclusive fire and rescue service, open to everyone, which reflects the communities it serves. 

“Firefighters have the right to work without fear of being abused or mistreated. This is a matter of principle, and it is a matter of basic health and safety in the workplace.

“Recent reports have underlined how widespread the problem of discrimination, harassment and bullying is in the fire service. They corroborate what FBU reps have known for some time – that the problems go right to the to the top and that some fire service leaders have systematically failed to address the problem.

“This situation is the result of decades of failings by government and fire service leaders. As the only democratic and representative body for firefighters and control room staff, the Fire Brigades Union will take a leading role in transforming the fire and rescue service.”

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