Fire Sector Federation publishes checklist for emergency evacuation

The Personal Emergency Evacuation Residential Premises guide recognises that evacuation procedures with associated provision of safe routes of escape to a place of safety must be inherent in every building safety strategy.

Following a series of prompts, the questions posed in the checklist are designed to be interpreted by the fire risk assessor and used in discussion with their clients to help decide what actions are appropriate for the building. The checklist relates specifically to general residential buildings, which are usually unstaffed and operate a ‘stay put’ two- phase evacuation strategy.

The guide offers a lead where currently none exists and was developed by the Fire Sector Federation in conjunction with members who work as fire risk assessors in the sector.

Dennis Davis, Executive Officer at the Fire Sector Federation said:

“Assessment of evacuation procedures from a personal level to ensure the safe escape of every individual from a fire is a critical component of any fire risk assessment. We have worked closely with colleagues in the fire sector to develop the overview and checklist to support fire risk assessors in their audit and review of buildings. Some of the information may also help the Responsible Person, who have very specific duties for fire safety, meet their own responsibilities.

“The guide has no formal status but having a simple general checklist we believe assists, when linked into a recordable process, discussion and assessment of evacuation during any audit and review to the benefit of building owners and residents.”
The publication is available as a free download on the Fire Sector Federation website at:

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