Fire protection for National UAE University

The intelligent Sigma A-XT gas extinguishing panel from Kentec is at the heart of Luke Alexander’s ‘Luke 227’ fire extinguishing system integrated by the experts at GECO Mechanical and Electrical Ltd Co (GECO) to preserve the Holy Quran and other holy texts at the Holy Quran Academy within Al Qasimia University in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Al Qasimia University is a vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad bin Saqr Al Qasimi, the Ruler of the Emirates of Sharjah and a member of the Supreme Council of the United Arab Emirates. In 2017, His Highness Dr Sultan issued instructions for the creation of the Holy Quran Academy, a first of its kind in the UAE.

GECO, the leading MEP contractor and turnkey fire protection solutions provider in the UAE, was chosen to undertake this special project to create and install a reliable and sustainable solution for the preservation of the Holy Quran, ancient manuscripts and other holy books at the Holy Quran Academy; GECO recommends the most adequate set of equipment suitable for this salient task – Luke Alexander’s ‘Luke 227’ fire extinguishing system, controlled by the Kentec’s Sigma A-XT gas extinguishing panel.

The Luke fire extinguishing system is available in 16 different size options and is made with high-quality stainless steel directly sourced from Luke Alexander’s manufacturing location in Singapore. As the only company in the world that manufactures both the fire extinguishing agent and the fire extinguishing system, Luke Alexander provides an unparalleled sense of reliability and convenience to safeguard the most valuable and important assets.

Kentec’s Sigma A-XT releasing panel provides three initiation circuits as standard, which means the release of the extinguishant can be configured to activate from any combination of detection zone inputs to allow specific and controlled activations. It also features a large LED display, simplifying configuration and displaying the time remaining until release for added user safety.

Mr Sundararajan, Senior Sales Engineer of GECO, says it is an honour to be entrusted with such a culturally important project: “We take great pride in the systems we install being able to ensure the continuity and preservation of such significant artefacts.”

Kevin Swann, Managing Director of Kentec, says Sigma A-XT’s worldwide reputation (availability in over 90 countries) is built on its reliability and advanced configuration capabilities: “The extinguishing panels are both robust and easy to install, and allow the functionality of the system to be extensively modified to suit any type of installation, including this prestigious site. We are extremely proud that our trusted and reliable solutions are helping to ensure the continued preservation of such holy texts and important artefacts at the university complex.”

Yvonne Mun, Director of Luke Alexander, expressed gratitude and appreciation for this opportunity: “My team and I are humbled to be selected as the chosen brand to undertake a project of paramount importance in preserving the heritage of UAE. We consider this as another milestone project for Luke Alexander. This reminds us that what we do is more than just a business, rather it is ensuring safety and security with our best quality products. This vision is what continues to motivate us to elevate and improve our craft to better provide innovative and excellent solutions to the public.”

Luke 227 fire extinguishing agent has been approved under UL 2166 and FM 5600 standards and is a recognised trade name listed on the US EPA SNAP Program. Luke fire extinguishing system components are individually listed in the UL component recognition program and is collectively approved under UL 2166 standard as a UL approved system.

Established in the year 2014, His Highness Dr Sultan envisages the university to be a beacon of excellence for higher education and scientific research based on the fundamental principles and teachings of Islam, which will pave the way towards opening this tolerant religion to the world through the promotion of cultural dialogue, core values, interfaith, and even refined arts and sciences in every society. This is seen from the robust academic environment embedded within the University compound, with individual colleges dedicated for the field of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Arts and Humanities, Economics and Management, and Communications.

The Sigma A-XT has been approved to UL864 and is FM listed. EN approved versions are also available.

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