FIRE magazine Exclusive Comments – February 2020

“I was pleased to see the report highlighted where the sector has strengths, including the reference to: ‘The determination and dedication to protect life and property are second to none’. I am in no doubt that all fire and rescue services take enormous pride in responding to the communities they serve, based on their needs and identified risk.”

“As you would expect, the report also highlights where the Inspectorate feels there is room for improvement. NFCC, as the professional voice of the sector, is exploring these and will work with other interested parties to address HMICFRS concerns. In fact, work in a number of areas is already underway within the NFCC programmes, but we cannot tackle the far-reaching recommendations in isolation.”

National Fire Chiefs Council Chair Roy Wilsher responds to the Inspectorate’s report, highlighting the positives as well as the need for a joined-up response to the recommendations.


“‘Lest we forget that the Inspectorate’s essay on the state of fire is but a mirror; solutions are to be unfurled from behind the blanket of good grades and the odd outstanding.”

“What good looks like has become a constant refrain in recent editions of FIRE as we investigate the winners from each tranche and dig around to discover how they got there.”

FIRE Editor Andrew Lynch reflects on Sir Thomas Winsor’s State of Fire report and the implications for a Fire Service in flux.


“The scale and complexity of demands on our public services continue to grow. Investing in leadership is an important part of increasing productivity and supporting people to overcome a sense of isolation that often comes with becoming the most senior person of a public sector organisation.”

“Indeed, leadership across the wider public sector is an area that the very top of government has in its sights through the launch of the National Leadership Centre. The centre was created by the government to support cross sector leadership, facilitating and supporting people to collaborate on the toughest challenges the country faces.”

Sue Evans, HR Solutions Hub Ltd Advisors Panel, highlights the importance of an effective people strategy being at the heart of an organisation that is transforming, modernising and delivering through its people.

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