FIRE magazine’s digital evolution

FIRE magazine publisher, Fire Knowledge, is pleased to announce a digitally focused service from the new year and will launch a new product with multi-media content to maximise accessibility and appeal to different learning styles.


The digital service will begin in the new year with the launch of the FIRE Gazette, a regular update providing multi-media content for all personnel through video, podcasts and audio commentary. The FIRE Gazette will focus on content that FIRE magazine excels in producing, from white papers offering deep dives and potential solutions to fire sector challenges, to investigative reports on key issues of the day. Contributions from fire sector leaders will be accompanied by audio commentary, and interviews with contributors will provide a high-level overview of contributions, to make sure all personnel can benefit from subscribing to FIRE magazine.

Subscribers will receive quarterly digital editions of FIRE magazine (March, June, September and December) and will have unlimited access to all articles and resources at In addition, on the alternative months (January, February, April, July, August, October and November), subscribers will receive the digital FIRE Gazette – keeping personnel up to date with latest developments including podcasts, webinars, video and audio content, plus a rich seam of resources by our award-winning team of journalists including special investigations, Fire Knowledge Insights papers, and commentary.

FIRE Editor Andrew Ledgerton-Lynch commented: “Our journey in making FIRE magazine accessible to all fire and rescue personnel has necessitated taking the next step forward, to fully embrace digital services and ensure our products cater to a range of neuro-diverse personnel with different learning styles.

“I am excited because I know we will be providing the elements that we have always done well – such as investigative reporting and sector enhancing commentary – but providing a more focused approach so that every month subscribers will be able to take a deep dive into what matters most in the sector. In addition, we are providing multi-media services to capture the full gamut of experiences in the fire sector in thought-providing, incisive and entertaining ways.

“Crucially, we will also be contributing towards a sustainable and environmentally friendly company policy, whilst providing even better value for money for fire and rescue services – something that is more important now than ever.”


To subscribe to FIRE magazine, the FIRE Gazette and receive unlimited access to all of the resources at contact: [email protected]

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