1,000 firefighters rally with Firefighters’ Manifesto launch in Westminster

On November 1st over a thousand firefighters and control staff from across the UK assembled in Westminster to launch a new Firefighters’ Manifesto, demanding politicians address the crisis of underinvestment in the service.

Firefighters travelled from as far as Inverness – from across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – to join the rally at Westminster Central Hall. 

Prominent trade union leaders addressed the rally, including TUC general secretary Paul Nowak and RMT general secretary Mick Lynch. Zarah Sultana MP and John McDonnell MP spoke in support of the Manifesto, alongside FBU general secretary Matt Wrack and FBU spokespeople from across the UK. 

Firefighters in uniform then marched through Parliament Square to Downing Street, calling for resilience and funding to ‘save our fire service so we can save lives’. 

Fire Brigades Union general secretary Matt Wrack said: 

 “Today, more than a thousand firefighters travelled from every corner of the UK to deliver an emergency message to Westminster.   

“Our service has hit crisis point. It’s firefighters, as the voice of the professional frontline, who have a clear vision to save it.    

“Standing shoulder to shoulder, firefighters have demonstrated their commitment to bringing our service back from the brink. Politicians must heed this call and pledge their support for the Firefighters’ Manifesto.  

“Firefighters never ignore a call for help. Now it’s us raising the alarm, and firefighters have delivered a clear message: Westminster must save our service so that we can save lives.” 

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